What to do when hiring an after-school babysitter in Dubai


In modern societies, it’s more and more common for both parents working outside the home in comparison to 30 years ago when having a stay-at-home mom was pretty normal and common. Now, with these new ways of living, especially in a busy city as Dubai, things are getting trickier as years pass by. Kids wrap up their classes sooner than you come back home from work, grandparents are not always there especially with so many expats in town. So, the question asked is how do we deal with this challenging time gap? An after-school babysitter may be our most practical option.

1) Think ahead

Most schools in Dubai start in late August, which means arrangements for after-school child care should be done back in July or early August before all the leading candidates go and accept another position.

2) Schedule matching

School and work schedules are the basis for your need for afternoon child care. Your requirements are for someone who’s available end of classes time and the time you get back home.

3) Set out your needs

Things can be much easier when the needs are laid out in advance. From picking the kids directly from school, the need of having a car, making healthy snacks, heling with their homework, promoting the kids to be active in the afternoon, a person to help out full-time during vacations and many other peculiarities which can be taken as determining in choosing the right person.

4) Babysitter vs. nanny

If your demands from your sitter provider are high and want someone who can not only plan activities but also nurture your love one, it is maybe a better idea to go into hiring a part-time nanny for the afternoons.

However, if the responsibilities are on the more limited side, you may just need a babysitter to give a helping hand for a few hours.

5) Interview candidates

Make a proper analysis, select several, talk over the phone to the best five to ten candidates and schedule in-person interviews for your top 3-4 picks. It is also a very good idea to invite the two you like the most to your home so they can meet and interact with your child and you can make the final decision.

6) Create an Easy-to-Follow Schedule

A prearranged and well-marked schedule will be a benefit both for yourself as a parent but for your nanny and your kids as well. Creating a weekly or monthly schedule with all breaks, important information and pre-planned activities detailed in it will greatly make the job easier.

This calendar should also include any optional activities (school plays, music lessons or football) so everyone’s on the same frequency.

Give fair and equal chances

Once the right candidate is found, you can offer a trial run to see in which direction things are heading. Coordinate with your caregiver, your child and the teacher after a few weeks to make sure everything is going without major hassle and everyone is comfortable with the prearrangement